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From a guy whose ex cheated on him

My name is Harry and I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. I made this blog to share with you my crazy story of how I learned a dirty little Secret for a Bigger, Fatter, and Harder Dick.

It all started when I found out my ex was cheating on me with my best friend. When I confronted her about it, she said that she wasn't interested in him; she just wanted his MONSTER COCK. The boy's a legend and girls keep throwing themselves at him because of it. Sadly mine is only 6 inches. :(

After the whole mess was over with and he had moved on to another girl, I asked him what his secret was. He told me it was possible for virtually anyone to grow (at least) 2.5 inches in length and 1.5 inches in girth by following these 2 easy steps. These two steps work TOGETHER to give you results. BINGO! That is the BIG Secret.


Step 1:

Xanogen Male Enhancement, an herbal supplement used by male porn stars for nearly a decade! Xanogen directly expands the blood vessels and penis tissue, so any average Joe can enlarge the size of his member by a minimum of 2 inches easy. When you take Xanogen, you will start seeing amazing improvement in your penis size in matter of weeks.

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Step 2:

HGH Factor a body building supplement designed to help pack on muscle fast. Porn stars use it boost their sexual performance because it makes you harder for longer. Although HGH Factor radically boosts your sex life, you can also use it to get lean muscle in record time.

When you take Xanogen and HGH Factor together, you will start seeing amazing improvement in your penis size in matter of weeks! You just need to follow the directions EXACTLY.

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Don't forget to take BEFORE and AFTER shots and
come back to share your SHOCKING results.

Good luck!


I was getting way too many emails, so hopefully this will make it easier for you guys to share your success stories. Comments are now live!
by Harry
12:53PM GMT
Hey dude! Here are my before/after pics I promised you. Thanks for all the email support you offered, sorry if I was getting on you nerves! As you can see, it really worked, and me and my GF are eternally grateful lol

by MrFred
4:14PM GMT
I just ordered a bottle of each. can't wait to get started! I'll be back with my results soon.
by Anonymous
9:14AM GMT
I've only been taking them for a few weeks but I've already grown 1" in length, and a little less in girth. This shit is awesome! My girlfriend loves it even more than I do apparently. She said the sex last night was the best she's ever had. We're going to need to figure something new out soon if I keep growing lol!
by Wayne
10:20AM GMT
Before I get started, let me say this: You're the man! I can't thank you enough for posting this! I would always tell myself that 5.5 inches was cool, but I had no idea what I was missing out on! Just knowing that I'm carrying around this monster cock around in my pants, give me the confidence to approach all sorts of women. My entire life has changed! I went from 5.5" to 8" and I think I might still be growing!
by 49ersAlltheWay
11:30AM GMT
I was a little embarrassed to post this in the beginning, but what do I have to be ashamed of!? I've got a huge dick now, and I should be bragging if anything ha ha!
by Rick
2:19PM GMT
I found this site through a forum, and now that I've had a chance to try it, I wanted to come back and say a) thanks! and b) 3 inches in 2 weeks already... I'm shocked to say the least.
by Anonymous
5:01PM GMT
So I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a year, who is quite large (just over 8" and quite thick). My last two boyfriends were about 8" and 9 1/2" before my one now (I know I've been lucky lol). Well while being home for the holidays last night I got in a big fight with my boyfriend, who isn't home with me, and I ended up going out for drinks with my ex boyfriend.... and then we went back to his place and had sex. He's about 6" probably average thickness. Needless to say it was a little different than I'm used to lately. He got me off, but I just couldn't get over how different it was. With my boyfriend I love how he stretches me and pushes in and out of me deep and slow. My ex kind of felt like a finger in me after my boyfriend lol.

So, to other girls here who have hung boyfriends or have sex with large guys a lot, do you feel like you are "wrecked" or all stretched out down there?
by Andrew
11:41PM GMT
I bought my first bottle of Xanogen from a buddy of mine when the fall term started. I've been taking it for a few weeks now, and I don't mean to brag or anything, but I've definitely got the biggest dick on campus!
by John
8:31AM GMT
I just placed my order for Xanogen!!!! I haven't been this excited for something since my 21st birthday, lol
by Steve19
11:24AM GMT
I cant even recognize myself anymore. My dick really grew. It's like trading dicks with a porn star!! haha
by Josh
3:34AM GMT

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Free Trial!

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