Learn Exactly How Ugly Guys End Up With Hot Chicks
(from a short, bald guy who never has trouble getting laid)
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This is My Story...

Hey, guys -- welcome to my blog! My name's Jeremy from Chicago and this post is about the amazing secrets I learned in a crazy drunken conversation at a bar about the question that plagues all of us men -- Why do hot, beautiful women sleep with ugly men?

When I was in college, my roommates and I were always dressed to impress every Saturday night, on the prowl and looking to score on any cute little club rat that caught our eye. But I'm not going to lie, we weren't exactly what these incredibly hot and sexy women were looking for. I for one am barely 5'9", a little on the thick side, and already sporting a receding hair line despite being only 23.

Anyway, its a typical boys night out and we're in line outside one of the hottest clubs downtown. In front of us was this blonde bombshell in the tightest, tiniest dress I've ever seen! But what I saw next defied the laws of nature. Wrapped around this babe, one hand casually resting on the most perfect butt I've ever laid eyes on, was a pudgy, hairy little dwarf with about as much sex appeal as Danny Devito. This chick was easily a 10 - but the ugly little gremlin latched on to her like a leech was barely a 4, if that. No way did this guy have a shot in hell with a dynamite girl like that. What gives?

I let it slip my mind until we got to the club. As my buddies and I made it over to the bar, yet another horribly mismatched couple made me question my vision. Here I am, ordering a round of tequila shots for the boys, and standing right next to me is this gangly boy straight out of napoleon dynamite slobbering all over this beauty that would make Jessica Alba seem mediocre by comparison.

Okay, now I was just plain annoyed. There are plenty of attractive, built guys patrolling this club, but all the attention was going to these fat, hideous little men. How come all these beautiful women were all over such ugly guys? Money was my first bet, but these boys weren't sporting gucci or Armani, or anything implying deep pockets whatsoever.

So I'm sitting at the bar, voicing my complaints to my buddies, and ask out loud, "How on earth are these ugly guys banging such hot broads?" I was surprised to get an answer from yet another stocky little fellow - sitting to my left and sipping on his scotch.

"Oh they're packing something, alright. My pal over there," he pointed to Napoleon Dynamite out on the dance floor, "is packing 9 inches, easy. And she just can't get enough."

One Day My Life Would Be Changed Forever

My jaw literally dropped. My average looks matched my barely average johnson, but since when is cock length a factor for women? It's not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean... right?

No, definitely not.

So we get to talking, and I of course, call bull. No way a guy like that is packing length enough to make Ron Jeremy blush.

"Who says he was born with it? You wouldn't think so, but that lanky little nerd was a porn star, and every producer around wanted his penis to play the lead. While he was in the industry, he picked up on porn's biggest secret, the key to gaining three plus inches to your dick in just a matter of weeks."

Well, damn, I thought. But wait, how does this guy know so much about his buddy's schlong? How do I know this isn't all just a load of bull?

"Dude, I know because I tried it, and it works. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself. I bet you'll be landing hot bitches left and right."

The Porn Actor's Secret That Changed Everything

He said all the guys in porn have their own tricks for growing their dicks. The adult film industry has been keeping this stuff secret for years but I'm sharing it with you guys because it literally changed my life. He told me it was pretty much possible to grow your cock by up to 2 inches in thigh-slapping length and make it 1 inch thicker in 2 weeks!... and everybody knows that what women really crave is thickness... So anyway, this pudgy little bastard told me to follow these 2 steps which I'm sharing with you here:

(Did I mention that both supplement companies are giving these pills away for practically nothing? No joke! If you visit the promo pages for Xanogen and HGH Factor you can buy both for under TEN BUCKS!)

*Update: Since posting this on my blog, shipping costs have gotten even lower. Now they're seriously giving away Xanogen and HGH Factor for free!! Check out their sites now or go to the end of this post to find out more...

So What's Step 3?

Just follow the instructions on the box and take your pills everyday, and that's all you have to do to add some jaw-dropping length and girth to your cock, improve your sex life, and get the ripped muscles that women love to look at. If you're a real man, don't forget to take before and after pics so you can post your progress after 4 weeks.

Update: Before I ordered my free bottles of Xanogen and HGH Factor, I thoroughly researched these pills. I found some kick a$$ coupons that made it that much easier to start taking 'em both together. All you gotta pay is shipping, but other than that, you're getting your own supply totally free.

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I was getting way too many emails, so hopefully this will make it easier for you guys to share your success stories. Comments are now live!
by Jeremy
12:53PM EST
Hey dude! Here are my before/after pics I promised you. Thanks for all the email support you offered, sorry if I was getting on you nerves! As you can see, it really worked, and me and my GF are eternally grateful lol

by 49ersAlltheWay
4:14PM EST
I just ordered a bottle of each. can't wait to get started! I'll be back with my results soon
by Anonymous
9:14AM EST
I've only been taking them for a few weeks but I've already grown 1" in length, and a little less in girth. This shit is awesome! My girlfriend loves it even more than I do apparently. She said the sex last night was the best she's ever had. We're going to need to figure something new out soon if I keep growing lol!
by Arthur
10:20AM EST
Before I get started, let me say this: You're the man! I can't thank you enough for posting this! I would always tell myself that 5.5 inches was cool, but I had no idea what I was missing out on! Just knowing that I'm carrying around this monster cock around in my pants, give me the confidence to approach all sorts of women. My entire life has changed! I went from 5.5" to 8" and I think I might still be growing!
by Matty87
11:30AM EST
I was a little embarrassed to post this in the beginning, but what do I have to be ashamed of!? I've got a huge dick now, and I should be bragging if anything ha ha!
by Rick
2:19PM EST
One of my buddies told me about this blog, and I just ordered. Will I be getting it soon? and how long does it take to work? Our anniversary is in a few weeks, and I wanna give my wife a really BIG surprise gift!
by Anonymous
5:01PM EST
Great article. I, too, saw someone link this on another forum. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm 1 week in and already see results. I can't wait to finish my 4 week cycle.
by Anonymous
11:41PM EST
I found this site through a forum, and now that I've had a chance to try it, I wanted to come back and say a) thanks! and b) 3 inches in 2 weeks already... I'm shocked to say the least.
by Dick
8:31AM EST
So I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a year, who is quite large (just over 8" and quite thick). My last two boyfriends were about 8" and 9 1/2" before my one now (I know I've been lucky lol). Well while being home for the holidays last night I got in a big fight with my boyfriend, who isn't home with me, and I ended up going out for drinks with my ex boyfriend.... and then we went back to his place and had sex. He's about 6" probably average thickness. Needless to say it was a little different than I'm used to lately. He got me off, but I just couldn't get over how different it was. With my boyfriend I love how he stretches me and pushes in and out of me deep and slow. My ex kind of felt like a finger in me after my boyfriend lol.

So, to other girls here who have hung boyfriends or have sex with large guys a lot, do you feel like you are "wrecked" or all stretched out down there?
by Jen
11:24AM EST
I've got a question for those that have tried it already... I tried stuff like ExtenZe before and they didn't really work. Is this the real deal for once?
by Anonymous
1:11PM EST
I can't speak for the other pills like Extenze because I've never tried them, but I can say for sure that this stuff works. Don't let other products holding you back from buying the real deal. Plus Xanogen is free so it's not like you've got anything to lose.
by Jeremy
2:24PM EST
I bought my first bottle of Xanogen from a buddy of mine when the fall term started. I've been taking it for a few weeks now, and I don't mean to brag or anything, but I've definitely got the biggest dick on campus!
by Stephan
4:57PM EST
I've been trying to bulk up with protein shakes, pills, and all sorts of other stuff, but none of it even compares to working out with HGH Factor. I barely even recognize myself in the mirror anymore. I'm freaking ripped, dude - AND my dick is huuuge! Its like plastic surgery without the surgery!! WIN.
by Nick
5:50PM EST
I just placed my order for Xanogen and HGH!!!! I haven't been this excited for something since my bar mitzvah, lol
by Andrew
7:19PM EST
I cant even recognize myself anymore. The HGH product is awesome. You can't really see it in these pics, but it gets you real ripped. Plus my dick grew. It's like... getting plastic surgery on my entire body!! haha
by Anonymous
8:02PM EST

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